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HFO Generator Set


17 2022

Our company produces and supplies MAN heavy oil generator sets. The power range of the units ranges from 0.42 MW to 21 MW. The models are L+V51/60, L+V32/40, L+V28/32S, L27/38S, L23/30S, L16/ 24S. Combustible diesel or heavy oil. 


Under the same displacement, the MAN heavy oil generator set has higher output power and higher efficiency; the modular design and fewer unit components make it easy to maintain and operate at a lower cost; with advanced environmental protection technology, the MAN heavy oil generator set Has lower emissions and noise. Compared with similar products, it is guaranteed to work reliably and economically with less pollution. As a power station EPC contractor with rich experience,we can provide perfect services for the turnkey project of the power station according to user requirements. We deliver quickly and respond quickly, welcome to inquire!

The German MAN Group is the earliest engine manufacturer in the world, the birthplace of diesel engines, and a leader in the international diesel engine market. MAN engines are well-known all over the world. MAN Group has established more than 100 after-sales service outlets around the world to provide users with fast product installation, maintenance and power station operation and other guarantee services



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